iTOMA Dual Wireless Charging Alarm Clock Radio with Bluetooth Speaker

iTOMA Dual Wireless Charging Alarm Clock Radio with Bluetooth Speaker

iTOMA Dual Wireless Charging Alarm Clock Radio with Bluetooth Speaker

“Experience the future of alarm clocks with the iTOMA Dual Wireless Charging Alarm Clock Radio. Wake up to your favorite music, charge your devices wirelessly, and enjoy a range of convenient features. Upgrade your mornings with this innovative product.”

Key Features

Wireless Charging

The iTOMA Alarm Clock Radio is equipped with a 15-watt ultra-fast wireless charger for your cell phone. It also includes a 3W foldable earphone wireless charger and a watch wireless charging support holder. Say goodbye to messy cables and conveniently charge your devices while you sleep.

Bluetooth 5.1 Technology

With the newest Bluetooth 5.1 technology, you can easily connect your smartphone or other devices to the alarm clock. Enjoy uninterrupted music streaming and make the most of your morning routine.

Dual Alarm

Set two different alarms and wake up to your preferred choice of radio or buzzer. The snooze/repeat alarm and crescendo wake-up control ensure a gentle and gradual awakening. Choose from four alarm week modes: Every day, single day only, weekdays only, or weekends only.

USB Port Charging

In addition to wireless charging, the iTOMA Alarm Clock Radio features a USB port and a type-C port. Charge your mobile phone, tablet, or other devices with ease. The 2.1A 5V charging ensures fast and efficient power delivery.

Big Display & Dimmer Control & Night Light

The 1.4-inch orange LED display provides a clear view of the time in 12 or 24-hour format. Adjust the brightness with the 3-level dimmer control or let the auto-dimmer feature adapt to your surroundings. The built-in night light adds a touch of ambiance to your room, hall, or office desk.

FM Radio

Tune in to your favorite FM radio stations with the digital tuning feature. Save up to 20 programmable preset stations for quick access. The external FM wire antenna ensures optimal radio reception for a seamless listening experience.

More Features

  • Back-up battery for uninterrupted functionality
  • Sleep timer function for automatic shut-off
  • Auto time setting for hassle-free operation

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I charge multiple devices simultaneously?

Yes, the iTOMA Alarm Clock Radio allows you to charge multiple devices at the same time. It features wireless charging, a USB port, and a type-C port for your convenience.

2. Can I use my own alarm sound?

Yes, you can choose between waking up to the radio or the built-in buzzer. However, if you prefer a personalized alarm sound, you can connect your device via Bluetooth and play your favorite music.

3. Does the alarm clock have a battery backup?

Yes, the iTOMA Alarm Clock Radio has a built-in backup battery. This ensures that your alarm settings are saved even during power outages, so you never have to worry about resetting the clock.


Upgrade your mornings with the iTOMA Dual Wireless Charging Alarm Clock Radio. Enjoy the convenience of wireless charging, listen to your favorite music via Bluetooth, and wake up gently with the dual alarm feature. With its sleek design and innovative features, this alarm clock is a must-have for every modern individual. Order now and experience the future of alarm clocks.