Viper Chroma Sisal Dartboard – Product Content

Viper Chroma Sisal Dartboard – Product Content

Viper Chroma Sisal Dartboard

Bring a new life to your dart games with the Viper Chroma sisal dartboard! This dartboard is constructed from compressed sisal fibers, the latest innovation in steel tip darting. Constructing the board this way gives new life to your dartboard, as the special technique allows the sisal fibers to self-heal, as they “remember” their original shape. These dartboards will last years longer than their old school wood or paper counterparts.

High Definition Color Printing

What sets the Chroma apart from other dartboards is the high definition color printing in all new shades of blue and green. This unique color scheme is a first in dartboards of this quality, featuring real sisal fibers. The vibrant colors bring new energy to your game of darts and match the hottest colors in interior design.

Staple-Free Bullseye

The Chroma features a 100% staple-free bullseye. This greatly reduces your chance of a bounce-out occurring while you shoot for a bullseye, increasing your scores. Other dartboards secure the spider with staples, increasing bounce-outs and frustration.

Galvanized Triangular Spider Wire

The Chroma also features galvanized triangular spider wire. This gives the spider great durability and strength to last the life of the board. These wires are triangularly shaped, further reducing your chance of a bounce-out, and giving your average score per dart a boost, as darts slide off the wire and into the board.

Movable Number Ring

To ensure your board lasts longer, the Chroma dartboard features a movable number ring. Just detach and rotate, and your prime spots will move to a fresh point on the board, significantly extending its life!

  • Tournament Quality Regulation 17.75” diameter face, constructed from high-grade self-healing compressed sisal fibers, accommodates both steel tip and soft tip darts.
  • High definition vibrant color printing brings new energy to your game of darts and matches the hottest colors in interior design.
  • Staple-free bullseye ensures that bounce-outs are kept to a minimum.
  • Galvanized triangular spider wire allows darts to glide into the board easily, reducing bounce-outs.
  • Movable number ring allows you to rotate the dartboard, allowing the fibers to heal, and extending its life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use both steel tip and soft tip darts on this dartboard?

Yes, the Viper Chroma sisal dartboard is designed to accommodate both steel tip and soft tip darts.

2. How long will the dartboard last?

The compressed sisal fibers used in the construction of the Chroma dartboard allow it to self-heal, extending its lifespan compared to traditional wood or paper dartboards.

3. Does the dartboard come with mounting hardware?

Yes, the Chroma dartboard includes easy-to-use mounting hardware, so you can start playing right out of the box.


Upgrade your game room today with the Viper Chroma sisal dartboard. Its tournament-quality construction, high definition color printing, staple-free bullseye, galvanized triangular spider wire, and movable number ring make it the perfect choice for both casual and competitive dart players. Experience the durability and vibrant energy of the Chroma dartboard and take your dart game to the next level!