STOTT Pilates Deluxe Mat-Midnight Blue

STOTT Pilates Deluxe Mat-Midnight Blue

STOTT Pilates Deluxe Mat-Midnight Blue

Discover the perfect Pilates or Yoga mat with added support and protection for your spine. The 15mm thickness, 61cm width, and 183cm length make it ideal for any workout. The closed-cell foam construction ensures durability and easy storage. Experience comfort, safety, and injury prevention with the soft and resilient cushioning. Enjoy smooth movement with the mat’s smooth surface.


Extra Thick

The 15mm thickness of this mat provides exceptional support for your spine during Pilates or Yoga exercises. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a more enjoyable workout.

Durable Construction

The closed-cell foam construction of this mat ensures its durability and ability to withstand repeated use. You can roll it up easily for convenient storage and transportation.

Comfort and Safety

Experience the soft and resilient cushioning of this mat, which not only provides comfort but also protects against injuries. Feel confident and secure during your workouts.

Smooth Surface

The smooth surface of this mat allows for ease of movement, making it perfect for various exercises. Glide effortlessly through your Pilates or Yoga routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this mat suitable for both Pilates and Yoga?

Yes, this mat is designed to provide support and protection for both Pilates and Yoga exercises. Its extra thickness ensures comfort and stability.

Can I easily store and transport this mat?

Absolutely! The closed-cell foam construction allows you to roll up the mat effortlessly, making it compact and easy to carry around.

Is this mat suitable for beginners?

Yes, this mat is suitable for all levels, including beginners. Its soft cushioning and smooth surface make it comfortable and user-friendly for everyone.


The STOTT Pilates Deluxe Mat-Midnight Blue is the perfect companion for your Pilates or Yoga workouts. With its extra thickness, durable construction, and comfortable cushioning, it provides the support and protection your spine needs. The smooth surface allows for effortless movement, enhancing your overall exercise experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, this mat is designed to meet your needs. Invest in your fitness journey with this high-quality mat.