KONWEDA 20 PCS Colostomy Bags – Product Description

KONWEDA 20 PCS Colostomy Bags – Product Description

KONWEDA 20 PCS Colostomy Bags

Discover the best ostomy supplies for ileostomy stoma care – the KONWEDA 20 PCS Colostomy Bags. These one-piece drainable ostomy pouches are designed to provide comfort, security, and odor barrier for individuals with colostomy.

Best for Use

If used for ileostomy, it is recommended to change the bag more frequently. The ileostomy excrement is in liquid form and has digestive enzymes, making it more irritating to the skin than other colostomy types.

The flange to mix this product can be used for 3-5 days in normal conditions. Delaying the change can affect the effect of the affixing and may not be good for the skin.

If the bag is full of air, it can be exhausted by using the pinhole in the upper end of the bag. It is also suggested to use an activated carbon cassette to eliminate any peculiar smell.

The bag that has been exchanged should not be reused. It should not be washed into the toilet or cloaca. Proper disposal is necessary to protect the environment.

Patients allergic to adhesive should use this product with caution.


  • Back window with carbon filter
  • EVOH film transparent with 2 sides
  • Non-woven skin with 2 sides


  • Soft hydrocolloid baseplate – single layer – 99mm
  • Soft hydrocolloid baseplate – double layers – 125mm
  • Pouch size: 298*150mm
  • Max cut: 15-60mm
  • Baseplate thickness: 1.0mm

Package Includes

  • 20x One-piece system ostomy bags
  • 1x Ostomy measure card
  • 1x Instruction book
  • 20x Hole blocking sticker
  • 1x Tips card

Skin Friendly

KONWEDA colostomy bag is made of advanced anti-allergic medical hydrocolloid. With strong permeability, the hydrocolloid baseplate can quickly adapt to the skin conditions of different time periods, keeping away from allergy and irritation.

Double Adhesive

The hydrocolloid baseplate provides the core adhesion, while the surrounding non-woven adhesive outer ring provides additional security. This increases the adhesive area by 20%. The ostomy pouches are super sticky and can be pasted on the skin for 5-7 days.

Double-Sided Non-Woven Fabric

The KONWEDA colostomy bags feature a double-layer soft and comfortable non-woven fabric. This helps reduce the rustling sound of plastic bags, which is often disliked by ostomy patients. It also helps avoid skin injuries due to repeated friction with the bag.

Odor Barrier

The bag body is made of EVOH transparent film, which has a strong anti-explosion and odor barrier capability. The built-in activated carbon filter effectively absorbs and filters gas odor, providing a more pleasant experience for the user.


Experience comfort, security, and odor barrier with the KONWEDA 20 PCS Colostomy Bags. Made with advanced anti-allergic medical hydrocolloid, these one-piece drainable ostomy pouches are designed to meet the needs of individuals with colostomy. With their double adhesive, double-sided non-woven fabric, and odor barrier features, these colostomy bags provide a reliable and comfortable solution for stoma care.