HISTOYE Laser Tag Guns Sets of 4 Players Game

HISTOYE Laser Tag Guns Sets of 4 Players Game

HISTOYE Laser Tag Guns Sets of 4 Players Game

Are you looking for an exciting and safe game for your kids? Look no further! The HISTOYE Laser Tag Guns Sets of 4 Players Game is the perfect choice. With guns and vests included, this laser tag set brings you more fun and excitement than ever before.


1. Guns & Vests

The built-in receiver allows both the gun and the vest to act as a target. Pick the same color set of gun and vest, then let the fun battle begin!

2. 100% Safe

This laser tag gun is made of 100% safe and durable material. The infrared emission signal is less than 1MW, ensuring the safety of kids during play.

3. Backyard Game Set

The design distance can be as long as 130 feet, allowing for intense backyard action games with friends and family both indoors and outdoors.

4. Ideal Gift

Give this laser tag guns set to your children and family members on Christmas, birthdays, or other important days to create beautiful memories together.

How to Use

  1. Choose team colors and combat weapon types with other players.
  2. Aim at the opponent’s toy gun to eliminate their game lives, while protecting yourself from being hit.
  3. Switch weapon modes according to different combat situations to ensure the strongest combat effectiveness.
  4. Release your passion and enjoy hours of happiness brought by the exciting laser tag game!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the laser tag game safe for children?

Yes, the laser tag game is designed for children aged 3 and above. The zero-injury light cannot harm children and players. The signal emission is less than 1mW, which does not bring any harm to human eyes.

Can the laser tag guns be used for multiplayer battles?

Yes, this laser tag set has 4 team colors. Choose any of the 4 teams represented by blue, orange, green, and white, and organize amazing battles with friends. It encourages teamwork and develops strategies to help the team win.

What makes this laser tag set special?

This laser tag set can freely switch between 4 modes: SINGLE SHOT, SHOTGUN, MACHINE GUN, and ROCKET. It also has highly simulated shooting sounds and a strong sense of vibration, providing an unparalleled exciting battle game experience.


The HISTOYE Laser Tag Guns Sets of 4 Players Game is the perfect gift for kids aged 3 and above. It offers a safe and exciting laser tag experience both indoors and outdoors. Create wonderful memories with your children and enjoy endless happiness with this toy gun set. Order now and start the thrilling laser tag battles!