FMF Two-Stroke Silencer Packing – Standard

FMF Two-Stroke Silencer Packing – Standard

FMF Two-Stroke Silencer Packing – Standard

When it comes to MX applications, having the right silencer packing can make a significant difference in performance. FMF Two-Stroke Silencer Packing – Standard is designed to meet the needs of MX riders who prioritize sound absorption without compromising on quality.

Features and Benefits

1. Maximum Sound Absorption

The standard packing works great for MX applications where maximum sound absorption isn’t necessary. It effectively reduces noise levels without sacrificing performance.

2. High Heat Resistance

FMF’s Performance Series packing is made of fine interwoven fibers that have been blended to FMF’s specifications. This unique composition ensures high heat resistance, allowing the packing to withstand extreme temperatures without deteriorating.

3. Enhanced Sound Absorption

Not only does the Performance Series packing offer high heat resistance, but it also provides superior sound absorption. The fine interwoven fibers effectively dampen exhaust noise, resulting in a quieter ride without compromising power.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use the Standard packing for other applications?

A: While the Standard packing is primarily designed for MX applications, it can also be used for other two-stroke silencers where maximum sound absorption is not required.

Q: How often should I replace the packing?

A: The lifespan of the packing depends on various factors such as usage and riding conditions. It is recommended to inspect the packing regularly and replace it when signs of wear or deterioration are noticed.

Q: Is the Performance Series packing compatible with all FMF silencers?

A: Yes, the Performance Series packing is designed to fit all FMF two-stroke silencers. It is a versatile option that ensures optimal performance and sound reduction.


FMF Two-Stroke Silencer Packing – Standard is the ideal choice for MX riders who want effective sound absorption without compromising on performance. With its high heat resistance and superior sound absorption, this packing ensures a quieter ride while maintaining power. Upgrade your silencer packing today and experience the difference it makes in your MX adventures!