Dr. Spiller Hydro Collagen Cream

Dr. Spiller Hydro Collagen Cream

Dr. Spiller Hydro Collagen Cream

The concentrated power of collagen in the form of a particularly intensive nourishing day cream. Thanks to the antioxidant effective grape seed oil, stressed, sensitive skin is optimally protected and maintains its youthful elasticity. In addition, the regulation of moisture is sustainably promoted, so that the radiance and suppleness of the skin is maintained for a long time.

Key Features

Collagen Boost

The protein most occurring in the body, collagen is crucial for the elasticity of the connective tissue. Over time, the own production of this structural protein in the skin decreases more and more, resulting in a decrease in elasticity and resilience. The marine collagen contained in the cream has the ability to promote collagen formation in the skin. This helps to balance wrinkles and maintain a hydrated, rich, and radiant complexion.

Antioxidant Protection

Grape seed oil, also known as “green gold,” is optimally suited for all skin conditions, even for sensitive skin. The high-quality oil provides the skin with intensive moisture and strengthens its elasticity. It also has antioxidant properties to repel negative environmental impacts and prevent increased radical formation. This not only nourishes the skin but also enhances its self-protection and youthful vibrancy.

Moisture Balance

Urea, also known as urea, ensures balanced skin moisture. This active ingredient is an essential part of the upper skin layer and causes continuous moisturization. When the skin’s own production is no longer enough, the skin quickly becomes dry, brittle, and flaky. The urea contained in the cream compensates for deficits, supports moisture regulation of the skin, and makes it supple and soft.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should I use the Dr. Spiller Hydro Collagen Cream?

The cream is recommended for daily use as a nourishing day cream. Apply it in the morning after cleansing your face for best results.

2. Can I use this cream if I have sensitive skin?

Yes, the Dr. Spiller Hydro Collagen Cream is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The grape seed oil in the cream helps to protect and soothe sensitive skin.

3. How long does one jar of cream last?

One jar of the Dr. Spiller Hydro Collagen Cream, with a capacity of 50 ml, can last approximately 2-3 months with daily use.


Experience the concentrated power of collagen with the Dr. Spiller Hydro Collagen Cream. This nourishing day cream protects and maintains the youthful elasticity of your skin. With the added benefits of antioxidant grape seed oil and moisture-regulating urea, your skin will stay radiant, supple, and hydrated. Order now and give your skin the care it deserves!