Clear Poly Bags for Packaging Products

Clear Poly Bags for Packaging Products

Clear Poly Bags for Packaging Products

Are you looking for a reliable and convenient packaging solution for your products? Look no further! Our combo pack of clear poly bags is the perfect choice for all your packaging needs. With four different sizes (6×9″, 8×10″, 9×12″, 11×14″), you can easily find the right bag for any item you want to package.

The Benefits of Clear Poly Bags

1. Visibility

One of the main advantages of using clear poly bags is that they provide excellent visibility for your products. Customers can easily see what they are buying, which can increase their confidence in your brand and lead to more sales.

2. Protection

Our clear poly bags are made from high-quality plastic that offers great protection for your products. They are resistant to tears and punctures, ensuring that your items stay safe during storage and transportation.

3. Resealable

Unlike traditional packaging options, our clear poly bags are resealable. This means that customers can open and close the bags multiple times without damaging them. It also allows for easy access to the products inside, making them ideal for items that need to be frequently used or displayed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I customize the size of the bags?

A: Unfortunately, our combo pack only comes with the standard sizes mentioned (6×9″, 8×10″, 9×12″, 11×14″). However, if you have specific requirements, we can discuss custom orders.

Q: Are these bags suitable for food packaging?

A: Yes, our clear poly bags are food-safe and can be used for packaging various food items. They are made from FDA-approved materials and are free from any harmful chemicals.

Q: How many times can the bags be resealed?

A: Our bags are designed to be resealable multiple times. With proper handling, they can be used for an extended period without losing their sealing capabilities.


When it comes to packaging your products, clear poly bags are a versatile and practical choice. They offer visibility, protection, and the convenience of resealability. Order our combo pack of 400 bags today and experience the benefits for yourself!